Monday, June 22, 2015

Pixar Movie Rankings (10-14)

In honor of the new Pixar movies, I will post my ranking of the Pixar movies out so far.  I have not seen Inside Out, so that will not be part of the rankings.  For today, the bottom tier.

14.  Cars 2

The only not good Pixar movie.    However, I do appreciate Pixar attempting to make a different movie than just rehashing the original Cars.  The problem is by going to the spy theme, but Mater is not capable of carrying a whole movie.

13.  Monsters University

Again Pixar made a very different movie when they went with this prequel.  I like it, just that a Pixar movie list is going to be tough competition.

12. A Bug's Life

11.  Wall-E

This ranking is probably the one I'm least confident in.  I've only seen this once, so a second viewing might change my opinion.

10.  Cars

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